IFOST: The Institute for Open Systems Technologies Pty Ltd

Deeper Understanding. Better Results.

For Technology Startup Investors

IFOST have a long history of maximising investments in technology startups. We can provide validation on platforms and staffing, but the real value we provide is expanding the opportunity with ideas from computer vision, data and text-mining and our extensive knowledge of the state-of-the-art in software technology.

Find out more by looking through our startup gallery.

For Technology Startup Founders

Many business leaders experience a deep frustration because their IT staff aren't able to capture their vision for transforming their industry. IFOST has a demonstrated track record of taking difficult technology projects and producing results beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Find out more by looking through our startup gallery or take a look at some of our free software for inspiration.

For ITSM / ITIL Projects

IFOST has been independently evaluated as one of the leading deep technical training organisations in the world, every year, for over a decade. We have developed some of the most used e-learning in the industry.

Find out more through our some sample courses We also have cloud-hosted learning management solutions.

For system administrators and CIOs

Backups are hard. In large organisations, backup performance is always a challenge from the sheer volume of data. In smaller organisations, the challenge is often about priority for something that doesn't bring in revenue. IFOST have a great deal of backup experience across a range of organisations.

Find out more at our HP DataProtector pages.

Virtual Bench for ICT Consultancies

IFOST have the staff with the experience to fill out your consulting bench, and we don't compete against other ICT Consulting companies in any common markets.

We do niche skills that are too expensive for you to maintain in house, and aim to be the best in the industry at what we do. We do backup very, very well; you will not find stronger Data Protector skills anywhere else. We've also done OpenBSD-based projects, Google App Engine development, LAMP development, face-to-face training on all things Unix/Linux, systems and network management implementations. We know ITSM tools ( HP Service Manager, RT and others). We've done IVR integrations using Twilio, Asterisk and Freeswitch. We can help on Hadoop and other big-data projects. You will find smart IFOST-written software controlling buildings, tracking tapes, reducing actuarial and health risks, data-mining monitoring systems, doing sophisticated image analysis in your browser. Almost all of these were virtual bench projects where some other company was able to look awesome and take credit for bringing home a successful project. And that's why you should use IFOST -- Contact Greg Baker ([email protected]) to discuss your needs.