IFOST: Startups and Nascent Business

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The Centre for Organisational Innovation

The COI Group make world-class HR and staff attitudinal surveys. IFOST helped them realise the value of having accumulated data, and developed their cloud-based surveying application. When they reached the middle-millions of survey results, we developed a clustering methodology to produce the next level of extraordinary insights for them.


In 2000, Nuix was one of Australia's most talked-about start-ups (and today one of the most successful). They wanted to establish themselves with the best staff and the best Linux desktop infrastructure. They turned to IFOST to help them on day one with hiring and platform choices.


When Controlability were looking for a partner to develop a world-leading residential control system, they turned to IFOST for design, architecture, security, imaging and software development.

K2 Knowledge Solutions

When multi-national e-learning solutions provider K2 launched in Australia, they needed flexible infrastructure that could support their teams working across the world. They needed specific technical and business advice about starting up in Australia. They turned to IFOST's proven track record in advising nascent businesses.


IFOST developed the software that uses natural language processing and machine learning to predict how long a helpdesk, work or bugfix ticket will take to resolve.


When the leading educational testing practioners in Australia needed full-stack engineering to build an adaptive testing framework that could scale to support being simultaneously used by every child in a school year across the whole country, they chose IFOST. Under very tight deadlines we built testing and classroom-reporting software for standarised literacy, language, comprehension and mathematics examinations.

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