Adseiling Adventure

O hypnotist of so much skill,
I need your help for one small thing.
A new sport there is - called ADseiling -
The latest silly thrill.

You ask me why I need your trade?
In abseiling, one goes down the rope,
But adseilers must fall up the slope,
In an altered mental state.

First down the cliff-face, I will hop;
Then mesmerise me when I land,
Just one wave of your hypnotic hand -
That will make me stop.

Make me forget my downwards trip!
Command me then to just recall,
The reversal of my abseil fall.
I'll pay a mighty tip.

Then I will join my bar-room friends,
Praising this unearthly sport,
Ungravitising our heavy earth,
The same way all sport ends.

Greg Baker 8.5.93

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