Almost a good poem

(Subtitle : Ode to a Cretian Spurn)

Almost once a week we'd meet,
Down in some secluded street,
For he was always most discrete,
The Prime Minister of Crete.

His kindly face would almost shine
With handsome features quite divine
In such a rough, romantic find :
My Prime Minister of Crete.

I think I almost loved him, too,
(I doubt that he'd believe it true)
Even though I hardly knew
A Prime Minister of Crete.

Almost I could not quite see
The hatred he must have had of me -
For always he would almost be
The Prime Minister of Crete.

For Logic in her almost-ways
Had cursèd him for all his days
To stand and guard a monster's maze,
As Prime Minotaur of Crete.

Greg Baker 24.7.93

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