Apocalypse of a love-affair

Like laser beams or surgeon's knives
That slit joined cells in two,
Does it seem our close-knit lives
Split me away from you?

Who cause pain and who was hurt?
- If only love could stay -
Would you change the way things were
If the past could be remade?

Could papers signed in registries
Alone keep love in flame?
Then what refines the mysteries,
And what things kill and maim?

Perhaps its true we went too fast;
Both you and I were young:
As if we knew it wouldn't last,
And lived our time for fun.

When did we lose that tiny thread
That held control and pace?
Why did I choose a skidding tread
In rain to hold our place?

Why could you not have somehow grown
The wings of pegasi
To lift our lot and upward flown
From such our tragedy?

But no! No way! You went on trust,
And made me the one to blame
So in your grave you now will rust
From engine down to frame.

Althought I'm loath (and somewhat scared)
To take this quite so far,
I do now oath to take more care
When next I drive a car.

Greg Baker 26.8.93

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