Bad Maddie

When Maddie jumped I'd ask Hao Hi
(who was our chronoclasm guy)
To find out when she'd gone and where
And how much chaos she'd left there.

The clean up job was always run
By time police and everyone
Would scour and search and undo deeds
Because that's what good history needs.

She left her phone with Chaplin's friend
And then forgot it, but it happened
To be filmed and then it was too hard
For us to find the right corrective shard.

Antikythera orrery?
What thought she? Was she not sorry?
Petit Trianon? I assume
She left on her period costume.

But often it was our time's germs
Evolved and bred in leaps and turns
That caused the greatest damage done
When Maddie's sneeze and noses run.

For no beast's best immune defence
Could best the codes that she sent
In every drop of vilest snot.
And thus forced, conspired our plot:

About the asteroid? -- I lied
The real reason the dinos died:
In fact it was because they ate
Madison that was out of date.

Greg Baker 21.Jan.2014

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