The Problem of Brain Semi-transfusions

Was solace to the soul-less sent,
When they learned they needn't die :
When one day when our wonder went,
A Download someone tried?

(When rains of writes put brains of bytes
Into ASCII format,
Do non-hypostatic hypothalmic hypocrites
Hyperbolically hypothesise non-hypertrophic re-use as doormats? )

Did soul-ful cry, with sorrow full,
``Eternity found where ?''
Did wizened wizards wisely wail,
``On CD-Rom, just there!''

(Could digits then be digitised,
Could hand and feet and socks?
Would Krishnas crassly criticise
The conversion of their locks?

Could the Trinity into binary
Be converted without a glitch?
For [NOT and AND and OR] XOR 3
Could make us worship Six!)

When lumps of me are dumped to tape,
Will my bad bits be on show -
My gaping gaps of grappling ape -
Does anybody know?

Would mirely cults of the miraculous
Fade out when scans began?
Or can we trust enough of us
To make problems for our plans :

``Did any thoughtware surgeons think,
Of one in a jam like me?
Or are no such finks ever jinxed,
By a RAM with CJD? ''

Greg Baker 27.5.94

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