Why Chrono-Physics Is Not Taught at this University

I have a friend who's none too bright,
But knows a trick or two.
His assignment work is always right,
And finished when it's due!

He just supplies an empty sheet,
As an anwer to each part.
But when returned, it is complete,
And has not lost a mark.

   *     *     *     *    *    *
Can writers ink evaporate
And float into the air?
He says it can, at some slow rate,
But admits that it is rare.

Could this flying, drying ink
Land and make a dot?
``There is some chance,'' or so he thinks,
``But I would not say a lot.''

Could a sheet of paper white
Acquire marks this way?
``The odds for it are very slight,
But who can really say?''

Could writing clear, then, just appear
On an unmarked answer page?
``If the dots just landed there and here,
Then written it might gauge.''

   *     *     *     *    *    *
My lucky friend can play with Time,
(A trick he learned quite young) -
He messes up the time-lines,
And changes what's been done.

He never lifts a pen (nor quill) -
With floating ink replaced,
He fiddles all the time-tracks 'til
Black ink falls on his page.

And if he gets assignments back,
Without a perfect score,
He alters his own time-track,
Until he gets some more.

Greg Baker 8.12.92

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