Proof by Contradiction

I don't believe in green, small men,
That come from Mars or Cygnus-N.
There's a contradiction I would face,
If I believed in Things from Space.

Cubs and Scouts are everywhere -
With woggle, belt and dirty hair.
You'll find Cubs and Scouts are in Peru -
Even Tibet has a troop or two!

Surely then, in Outer Space,
In every cranny, nook or place,
In novae, stars and galaxies,
There must be Scouts that pay their fees.

I've heard that things in UFOs
Are small and pale (and some lack toes).
It's also said that they have hands,
With one less finger than on Man's.

But these small facts can't all be true,
Or else a problem would ensue -
Lacking digits hand and foot,
How would They give a Scout's salute?

Greg Baker 19.11.92

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