Giving the durian its due

I have not yet acquired the taste,
For prickly fruit that poisons you,
Nor talking with perspiring haste
Of new D6 or old D2.
This smelly green Malayan fruit
Is not for the weak to try!
But some folks gloat and say ``so good'' -
I really can't imagine why.
It's grown to torture foreign fools
Who know not what they're forced to do:
They wait - as people group and drool -
And join to eat some yellow goo!
It's true the above are biased views
And all should thus its truthhood rate,
But lest my point I let diffuse
There is one tale I should relate:
I know a dog whose favourite meal
Is durian from the local park...
I do not fear its bite to feel,
But I greatly fear its bark.

Greg Baker 1997

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