Soliloquy of an excited electron

``I proclaim I'm sick of my lot,
Spinning around the same old spot!
There's been nothing to do for a second or two,
I'm not going to take it, I'm not!''

``I'm so bored I think I will drop,
Down to 2s, and there I will stop.
And that will release, femtoJoules at least,
Just from me doing a hop!''

``Oh `look' (?!) at that photon a-leaving at last,
As all of it goes by every path,
And all cancel out, without any doubt,
In either the future or past!''

``Hey positron, yes, you over there,
Got a few moments to spare?
Race at me fast, (Oh what a blast...),
Let's BLOW this annihilation pair!''

Greg Baker 24.5.93.

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