Everyone's First Day at Work

A midday meal
All casual dress,
Large code base.
Near the train.
Dogs allowed
Shares to get.

That first day feel
I must repress
And not lose face.
Pack for rain
But no cloud
In sky - yet.

I should wear white?
Early by one
Thousand seconds
Read some news.
Try to relax
And wait, wait.

Speak words polite
As we are run
Through terms and forms
Culture, values,
Accounts and tax.
Kin we state.

Deadline crunch
and so tight sched-
ule that we're
Kept alert.
A team to greet
All names are lost.

A winter lunch
Soup hot and red
Flies through air
To my shirt.
I then meet
My new boss.

Greg Baker 7.July.2015

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