Fourth Contact

Green was he and grey his craft
Bud antennae fore and aft
Touched-down ninety fathoms deep
Tried to sound in dolphin beep
No reply (his mission grail)
Ocean weight his relaunch fail
No escape nor glory end.
They tried again.

Green was she and pink her ship
Comm-link toolbelt on her hip
Landed in the jungle clear
Wary natives poked with fear
"Come in peace" repeated twice.
She tasted nice.

Green was he and gold his jet
Fluttered to the stock market
All investments thrown awry
Lawyers asked if it's a crime
To kill non-humans (it's not)
He was soon shot.

Green was it and built to fly
Armoured, armed it met AI
Robots, who computed though
Off-planet-made, was not foe.
And thus an eon late or more
First contact formed.

Greg Baker 10.Feb.2012

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