You can't say what your children did on their holidays

They spent too much time on the net.
With spouse away and deadline graves
Those engaged and positive ed-
ucational enrichment days
Didn't start.

With regret ask what they have done
Pre-teen daughter has learned enough
Youtube Korean to ask some
K-pop star on "...a date and stuff...

For when his band tours here." Perhaps
Because of Photoshop; half girl
Half model her profile entrapped
Him in her Barbie mansion world
(Also fake).

Younger brother warns this boyfriend's
Deeds are dark and full-loathsome done:
Wikipedian proof is sent,
Which were all authored by my son,
Now awake.

Aztec battle tactics have too
Have been wiki'ed: "the vanguard
supply chains were impeded through
guerilla tactics that would start..."
(All by him)

Games have been their tutor and then
As the top-ranked generals, they
Were assumed to be historians.
Some asked questions about the play
Of this sim.

School: She returns to French verbs and
How to edit in powerpoint;
He to pen for his cursive hand,
Times tables, news and "ancient coins".
I will say

Some lies: with unboasting smile how
They lazed around all day and saw
Too much TV! Glad they are now
Back at school! Inside I wish more

Greg Baker 20.March.2014

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