The cyborg policeman,

	Crackles through the android guards.

	/				\

This ends the cock fights.                Thus ends the mock fights.

       Western style

	Police storm in with guns alight;

	Our watch now blown apart;

	Their electric limbs and human minds

	A match for our weakling guards.

	(My guards are just a model 2,

	- they run like a snail on Speed! - 

	Why did I trust that robo-fool

	That these were all I'd need? )

	But with my new-bought jet-pak feet,

	Escape - ascend - remove!

	This battle fought; I admit defeat;

	And not a cent of loot!

	/					\

Ending one :					Ending two :

Outlawed, I know,  in sheer disgust,	And then I shoot with my phaser gun,

My games have been declared:		At the police planes in their swarms,

Cockerels sewn with metal studs		Ah yes,  in truth,  its a lot of fun,

Are a shame without compare.	 	To play games in the V.R. dorms.

				Greg Baker 29.10.93

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