Internet Defender

When Medusa went on chat-roulette
To flirt I spent too much to get
Her banned.

When Scylla and Charybdis surfed
Too late I planned and got them turfed

The Hydra had her Facebook page
Cut off -- so sad! -- because I waged
Her fans.

The honey traps of Daedalus
Sec-shell I snapped and git rebased
Each time.

With AMIs of my repute
The nephelae can't cloud compute
For free.

Great Hercules had ode-sung deeds
But me release an atom feed?
Not one.

Those Ancient geeks can bear their alms,
And nascent Greeks won't spare their harms
To me.

Behind the scenes I toil and sweat,
'gainst monsters weaned pre-internet
For fun.

Greg Baker 21.Feb.2011 - 23.Mar.2011

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