The Horror Of Yesterday's Lunch

Do fish frighten you as much as me,
Filling the creeks and lakes and seas?
With all their endless teeming hordes,
How could they lose if it came to war?
Are you afraid of fish?

And when we reduce the ocean's store
What things are we selecting for?
Would not a fish have much to gain,
With mutant gifts from Mind's domain?
Are you afraid of fish?

Clairvoyant fish wed never catch -
And teleporting fish away would dash.
What could we do to a psychic prawn,
That had more brains than we have brawn?
Are you afraid of fish?

Perhaps its time to start afresh,
And ally with things from unseen depths.
With treaties brought from either side,
Could Man and Fish-kind be allied?
Will you make friends with fish?

Greg Baker 7.12.92

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