Why I won't be writing a physics text when I grow up.

I think it was in 98,
(Or was it done not quite that late?)
I'm sure it was in early spring,
That they really solved that quantum thing.
The paper was shown in J.of.P,
But was it volume 1 or 3?
The maths in it was quite abstruse,
Or were they clear and lucid proofs?

The Germans say the Munchen three,
The Frenchmen claim Monsieur Tris.
Or Zdoldeshchek of the C.I.S.,
(Harvard thinks it was Elvis Pres.)
In fact you'll find that everywhere,
Scientist say they solved it there -
Wuhan, CERN and even Bath.
Perhaps it came by every path?

Somtimes it is a G.U.T.,
(But is only this occasionally)
It oft describes the cosmic zoo,
(And shows those chemists a thing or two!)
Now and then it stops existing,
(Gone with femtocosmic shifting?)
But never does it do all three -
At least, not simultaneously.

It depends a lot on how and who,
Observes the theory, and what they do.
For just looking at this awesome work
Is enough to cause the quantum quirk -
The more you look, the more you change -
(Perhaps you find this rather strange?)
For we can't pin down what exactly is
In anything involving quantum phys.

Greg Baker, 8.1.93.

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