Are you a sub-atomic entity?

``We with the quasars are made of quarks,''
The paradoxic Prof. remarks.
``Like planets, stars and cosmic string,
That small stuff makes everything.''

Way down there from a quark's eye-view,
What could there be to see or do?
If all the world looks just the same,
Who would care if you went or came?

And out of such a doldrum town,
Who would not end up feeling Down?
(Or would the ones who'd rather snub,
Be - spitefully - often Up?).

If all quarks notice ill effects,
Of delta P by delta X,
Would life in such Uncertain range,
Be Principly, umm..., very Strange?

Or thinking of its lepton pair,
(A thing of quirky beauty fair?)
Perhaps quarks hope they won't be Charmed,
By leptonic beau-madames?

And Bottom of the quarkly life,
Perhaps are those in dark deep strife?
And are the ones who run the shop,
The quarks that stay aloof as Top?

The top and charmed and strange and down,
And up and bottom are (almost) found.
But when we study things so small,
Don't they reflect on us at all?

``Now quantum phys. is tricky stuff,
It's nature's fault it is so tough -
The atomic world we see below,
Is quite unlike the one we know.''

Greg Baker, 24.5.93

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