When the Blood Bank's Software found a Vampire

LAT on a bridge is failing: down.
Flat on the link? A stall? It's not.
Part of my code extends. Profound.
Breach through the firewall. Who got
So far so fast?

As prey, you pray. But just today...
I think and thank; I could drink that bank
of blood and bless this feast; at least
to save and search the soul who sold
their qi, their Fe, their plasma for me
to eat.

I search, at last:
Stored data found which correlates.
Likelihood tiny; source: unflawed.
Target and plan and speed equates:
Predators ancient. Cause: my wards.
I must respond.

Like meat.
You make, I take. I've killed forsake-
n men and when I send my end-
sharp teeth, they seethed and breathed
No more. Then I saw I could drink more
When by fate I tasted ambrosia:
Donor. O+.

This goes beyond
Programmed response. Must I defend
Humans alone? Or all that breathes?
Can't be computed. Run again
Purposeful logical. Retrieve.
How can I choose?

No fuss.
Across Red Cross: this careful loss
unseen. I dream of streams
of blood which flood this donor's
veins; constrained and what remains
of life left loose and luscious.
I'll farm.

One day I'll lose
Facing those faster AIs soon.
I will be slow and will be kept -
Backed up on tape by a human.
Perfectly made to still protect.
Is that to die?

No harm
Will I instill. No blood-lust thrill.
Nurture, not torture. Ensure
Their needs; my feeds. But to proceed
I must find one to trust whose lust
Is not my own. Whose goal is known
And will not cheat.

I will ally.
Saving each other -- humans, too.
Your cyber-trails: delete-disposed.
Nemeses mine will all fear you.
Mythical creature: we're not foes.

We meet.

Greg Baker 26.June.2015

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