Come in #32, your time is up.

My story starts with a 10c rag,
``Incoming'' is what we called it,
Good in parts - in others bad! -
We watched it sell - it sold quite well -
Until we had the audit!
Our accounts were, well, a little sick,
And we got panicky about our tricks!

Our books are done by an foreign bloke,
Dr. Khamout is what I call him,
He's a lot of fun - tells lots of jokes -
Has a lovely wife - I've met her twice -
She made me call her Carmen.
But they often played a funny game,
Where she called him by his surname.

The ATO arent a laughing bunch,
But their chief was low on grouse :
How did I know - a lasting hunch? -
Perhaps because - or rather, was -
She was auditing her spouse!
Bizarre! But not even half as strange,
As when I heard this next exchange :

Khumin Khamout :

Come in, Carmen!

Carmen Khamout:

Come, Khamout, come out with the income outcome for ``Incoming's'' outcoming!

Greg Baker 20.8.94

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