Programs / libraries that I have written.

I'm a real advocate of free software; here are some of my contributions so far (for more, take a look at The Ifost software page):

Python bindings for the Parallel Virtual Machine. These are much more comprehensive than Stefane Fermigier's bindings from a few years back. It currently supports about 60% of the complete PVM API. You will find it at the Sourceforge pypvm page. Here are some old local links: [README] [DOWNLOAD - 11k]
My hopelessly under-powered quantum computing simulator program. Noted mostly for being 20 months late and requiring more memory than exists in all computers worldwide. It has some rather cute features though -- it's a purely visual language, and the unitariness of the program is ensured through its building block model. [Home page]. [DOWNLOAD 416k].

Little programs

Sometimes teensy little programs do something useful. Many of these took only a few minutes to write, some are based on other pieces of software found on the net somewhere. If you are interested in these, you may be also interested in the installers on
It takes two arguments; a device file and a mobile phone number. Then it uses the Telstra SMS-landline bridge to send STDIN to that mobile number as an SMS message. If you are in Australia, this should let you send an SMS to any mobile in the world for the cost of a local call. It is designed to work with E-smith, and will extract the mobile phone number out of the E-smith user database if not specified on the command line. [DOWNLOAD 2.3kbytes]
Hylafax is Unix-based fax serving software. When a fax comes in, it runs a program called faxrcvd. This is a link to a super-script that emails the fax as an attachment, prints it to a LaserJet printer and saves it into an E-smith ibay. Put these two files into /var/spool/hylafax/bin... [DOWNLOAD 1568bytes] [DOWNLOAD 1760bytes]
So trivial it is barely worth mentioning. It just calls Ghostscript, but it's just for consistency with ps2pdf and ps2ascii etc. [DOWNLOAD 157bytes]

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