Solresol Revival Project

Solresol (also called langue musicale universale (Universal Musical Language) was invented by Jean Francois Sudre (1798-1866), a French music teacher, early in the 19th century. It is based on the eight-note musical scale. It could be spoken, sung or played on a musical instrument. At the beginning of the twentieth century there may still have been some speakers, making it one of the longest lived artificial languages. (Information from the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language)

A few people around the world are trying to revive it, myself included, except that I haven't done anything significant on it for several years.

Only two books were ever written about Solresol. English speakers can start with the following Solresol grammar and tutorial and Solresol dictionary. French speakers can start with the Sudre's book. For a quick taste, here are some words , from information found in a lengthy quote from "The Artificial Language Movement" by Andrew Large.

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