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Q-gol is a language that I wrote writing as an honours project at Macquarie University : it was an attempt to write a high-level programming language which to allow researchers to describe algorithms designed to run on quantum computers. A very old screen shot (26k).

There are two parts to it --- a visual editor written in Tcl7.5/Tk4.1 (Tcl7.6 should work fine, but Tcl7.4 doesn't), and an interpreter/evaluator written in the CaML. Here is the source --- you might to Shift-Button1 the link if you're using netscape. There is some rather dodgy LaTeX documentation included.

The editor makes a few assumptions that will make it only work "out-of-the-box" on a version of Unix supporting

i.e. Solaris, Linux, *BSD, OSF/1, etc. should be fine.

It may work on Win-32, except for one error (about running a chmod) which can be ignored. I've never tried it, though. It might run on the Macintosh with a little work.

This is version 3. The documentation includes some history.

My thesis went down spectacularly unsuccessfully. (Fortunately I had at least a pass just based on course work, so it was only mildly disastrous). If anyone wants to read some incoherent ramblings feel free to read it: Q-gol Thesis [PDF 305k] . It refers to the implementation done in Concurrent Clean (which didn't work properly). If anyone is still interested in the Concurrent Clean version, drop me an email.

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