Greg Baker


Well, I'm touched you're interested enough in me to visit my web page, which may be close to the oldest and least updated page on the web. It still renders correctly in Mosaic.

Mostly I blog on blog.ifost.org.au rather than keeping this up-to-date. You can follow me on twitter (@gregory_d_baker) which is a robofeed of quora and that blog. I'm Greg Baker on LinkedIn, GregBaker-ifost on Google+, Greg-Baker-9 on Quora, and pretty much inactive on any other social media platform.

I'm the same Greg Baker who was at CSIRO Radiophysics (email: [email protected], website: http://www.rp.csiro.au/~gbaker) -- but those addresses aren't valid any more. I was also [email protected], website http://www.aptec.net.au/~greg. When I was a lazy PhD student, I was also [email protected] and [email protected], with a web site http://www.ics.mq.edu.au/~gregb. When I was at Google, I was [email protected].

I'm not the same Greg Baker who did courageous things during the Korean war (I wasn't old enough!), although if you know any more about him, I'd be interested to know. I'm also not the same Greg Baker who's a professional musician in Adelaide. This is confusing, because I do occasionally write & play music for profit! I don't have a PhD in mathematics from California Institute of Technology like this guy. And I'm not Gregory James Baker who was working at google while I was there (who went to University of Arizona). Nor the Greg Baker who worked at Parliament while I was there, or the one who went through Duntroon in the early 80s.

Here is my meaningless collection of links and pages: